A Long Weekend in Lake Como

Long celebrated as a playground for the fashionable elite, Lake Como has historically embraced romantic poets, writers, artists, aristocrats and, more recently, Hollywood heartthrobs into the retreat of its cerulean shores.

There are no real nightclubs to speak of, no must-go-to casinos, just calming, infinite water, shades of silver dawn and the gentle sound of shutters sighing open to start your peaceful day. It’s a place for linen suits, tanned legs stretched out on expensive terraces and understated elegance against a sophisticated backdrop of designer detail.

There are swanky car launches and lakeside villas to die for, smart cafes to spend lazy mornings in, followed by afternoons toning limbs on tennis courts and evenings spent strolling hand-in-hand and savoring delicious ice cream. It’s a place to seriously chill, and to be seen chilling while looking Como-cool and absolutely fabulous.

Getting There

There is no better way to take in the spectacular lakeside scenery than from the sky. And it just so happens that Lake Como is home to the only seaplane school in Europe. Not an option for the meek or fainthearted, yet a must for those with a soaring spirit and a passion to impress, especially when you can land practically anywhere on the water. Book yourself a private flying lesson and soar like an eagle. Contact

Images: ©Shutterstock.com, ©OLIVER63


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