Creative brain behind the cover stories of magazines: Ozan Uzunsimsek

Covers are very important because they are the first place to meet readers in a magazine. In Wishium, it is possible to come across a different cover story based on a concept of each issue. In this article, we will introduce you to the creative and talented brain behind these stories. Ozan Uzunsimsek, who is the art director of Wishium magazine and many creative projects, continues his breathtaking art journey.

Ozan Uzunsimsek is a talent who develops his design skills alongside his masters. His creative identity also comes from his character. Creativity emerges as a trait that he applies in every moment of his life. While making some critical decisions in life, his creativity takes him a step further. Combining this creativity with his design talents, Ozan creates unique and fascinating works.

Ozan Uzunsimsek, the art director of Wishium, is inspired by dreams in his designs. He chose to design the elements Wishium used in its cover design as if he was in a dream. He managed to put the issues inside the magazine to the cover and he was able to do this in integrity. Ozan likes to use multiple techniques in his designs and he realizes this with great skill. Wishium covers, which Ozan prefers pastel colors, are highly appreciated.

When we saw the cover designs of Wishium magazine, we wish to frame them and hang them on our wall. But we have heard that he has rolled up his sleeves for a project where we can buy works similar to these designs. We are looking forward.

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