Our New Ever-Growing Entertainment Footgolf

Footgolf, Which Has Become Widespread In Europe And Is A Trend Among The White Collar Since It Was Discovered In Our Country, Has Emerged From The Combination Of Football And Golf Sports, As Its Name Implies.

The Rules of this new, fun and charismatic sport are also quite similar to golf. In the game, instead of golf ball, football ball and stick instead of feet are used. Of course, the hole sizes are designed according to the ball. The Official Rules of the FIFG (Federation for International Football) are revised versions of the World Football Cup rules, which was first held in Budapest / Hungary in June 2012. The London-based Federation Founded in 2012 is managing “FootGolf” sports throughout the world. Our country became an exclusive member of the Federation in 2015.

Footgolf doesn’t want you to dress sloppy against yourself, your opponent and this sport. You have to have colored Polo collars on you, shorts on you, or golf pants on you. With Knee socks and six straight or salon football shoes are the basic equipment to play the game. It is strictly forbidden to play in the crampons and football teams uniforms. Second, every athlete has to mark his own ball. After waiting for your turn, you have to hit the ball in one move. The ball is not allowed under or over the ball. Watch out, wait for the ball to stop still after your hit. Even if the wind drifts the ball, it’s forbidden to block or move the ball. If the ball enters the field of play, falls into the water, and leaves the field of play, the player may continue from the place where he left the field with 1 penalty mark, provided that he does not approach the hole as in the golf sport.

If you want to try it, you can play on special Footgolf sites designed by famous designers. Istanbul residents can go to Kemer Golf Resort, which is the first official Footgolf site and is built between the hills of Belgrade forest. Antalya residents can experience this experience at Kaya Palazzo Golf Club in Belek. We recommend you go to Footgolf fields in Ankara, Muğla/Bodrum and try out this fun sport.

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