Young Creator of Modern Hercules: Emre Yusufi

Emre Yusufi, a truly art man, is a graphic designer, art director, artist and musician. It is possible to see Emre Yusufi’s creativity in almost every branch of art, which attracts attention with his works. Every work of art produced by Emre Yusufi, a digital artist independent of the currents, fascinates art lovers with its visual appearance. We share with you the pleasant conversation we had to understand who Emre Yusufi was as an artist and where his inspiration came from.

We are familiar with your work, which is known to you as Cem Yılmaz. We will not ask for this, but we are wondering who Emre Yusufi is. Will you tell us about yourself?

In 1998, I went to Florence with this question “In which country should I study Fine Arts?”. I studied at Accademia Italian University in the painting department. Then I decided to continue in Turkey. I have won Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphic Arts. After winning the Department of graphic arts, I spent a certain student year there and then moved on to my life as freelance designer and established lemonade advertising agency on the top floor of this building. In the continuation of the Agency’s work, I also got another master’s degree on visual communication design and graphic arts. Besides the advertising world, I’ve had the art again in my life for the last 7-8 years. But in the last three years, I’ve put a little more emphasis on the subject. All my art work so far has been abroad. We met art lovers in Contemporary Istanbul in Turkey. And yet I am on a changing and more artistic path. Because I’m a guy who’s a little bit more into the Arts than advertising. And now I’m just interested in art.

We know that you have an identity of both artists and designers. Do you call yourself artists or designers?

I’m more of a designer. I’m an art designer. But it should be noted that I believe there should be one artist within each designer and one designer within each artist. They’re all connected. Because design can sometimes be an object. There are also many objects that I have made from this point of view. Glass, packaging, lighting fixtures, jewelry, even graves! Of course, from that point of view, when you do something, they are connected to each other. I can say art in design, design in art.

Can you tell me what kind of work you’ve done? What is the equivalent in the literature?

This is a very question asked. How can we define it? If you look at it, I’m basically doing “digital art” because I do it using digital techniques. When it becomes a sculpture, it becomes an analogue. Or when it turns into press, it becomes an analogue when it becomes visible. But in the process of making it, these prints come together in a very nice combination of photo and 3D modeling. The thing we look at is ultimately a photograph, but the model in the picture – for my sake, Hercules – is not a model that exists in the real world, so what we look at is turning towards photography. Because we are not talking about a mere photo here, so we are talking about a photomanipulation, an illustration.

How did you discover your creativity, what do you do to improve it?

I didn’t invent it, my mother discovered it. (Laughing) What we call creativity is not that “Oh, I’m creative!” if you’re producing something, it’s already becoming your way of life. Get up in the morning and go to bed at night until all your experience days, day in everything you do, from the food you eat, the people you’re talking to, where you are, your creativity, your artwork, your statue, your idea is going to help like there is such a thing as living. So, you actually contribute to your creativity by pulling the experiences and previous experiences that you had during that day out of the library. I’ve been working on visual issues for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been working on visual issues. So, I can say that we discovered my creativity very early.

What inspired you to create the Hercules character, why Hercules?

I Think It Was Florence. You know, this mythological half- God of the Renaissance actually produced great masters and artists who lived in the centuries, much earlier than US. So through them, we visualized Hercules, Zeus, Poseidon. For us, “This is Poseidon, this is Hercules.” But these were 1600 years. And in fact, in Florence in my school years, I had to “skech the notebook,” leaning my back on those sculptures and drawing those sculptures again. If I find a new and unfounded idea related to art… “What would this be?”, He finds the inspiration he is looking for in the roots. It’s happening at places where it started. For me, this inspiration was that a god in the form of a sculpture existed in modern life, acted like us.

So how did the idea of “War and Animals” come up?

It is going with a certain chronology. Before, there was a series called “return to innocence,” where I painted adult people’s eyes bigger and created that feeling of innocence. Then I made war and animals. The feeling in” war and animals “ was all about the fact that in the war-dominated world, animals could respond to us Just like humans.” In my paintings, at least animals respond to human beings. You got a cannonball, a rifle, a gun. Otherwise, there’s no animal fight. In my business. These are the artist’s journey in turn, but the situation with Hercules is quite enjoyable. I’d say there was a job that described me a little more. We’re going with Hercules for now, but the war and the animals are going on as well.

Will you continue with Hercules, what will be in your next works?

I’m guessing that Hercules is going to be in the center. Because now we have an exhibition. I’m doing a collection at this exhibition. This collection is called “seven.” I tell seven deadly sins through Hercules. I once did a collection called ages of rock. I told The Legend names of rock music through Hercules again. I made a series called “Hercules on ride” and put Hercules into modern life. From what I’ve seen, these collections can be very diversified, and I can tell everything I want to tell you through Hercules, if you look at it. That’s why the story about Hercules seems to go on a little like this.

You do more than one job. Art, music, Agency… How do you use your time effectively?

This place you see is gathering everything together. There’s a separate music Studio this is my studio. The top- floor advertising agency is the part where I’m already in business. This is the part where I take my art life. And I moved my house a little closer to all of this to be able to move a little faster in Istanbul. The answer to this question is some logistics solutions. When everything is close together, you can better assess your time. It is not on the road back then.

What are your goals regarding your art life? Will we see Emre Yusufi on International platforms?

I’m doing another job under the name of “Yusufy” on the one hand. At this moment, I have a fashion design “line”. I don’t know about a part of art, but I wanted to talk about it because it was one of the goals I wanted to do. Of course, the first art biennials in the world, and then to participate in the fairs. Being represented by good galleries abroad, by good collectors and internationally recognized, is my biggest goal. I’m really doing my best to achieve this goal. One of my targets is to expand the channel a little more, to become active abroad, even though I have already worked abroad with the gallery. By the way, why is it not domestic? Foreign. What’s in abroad?” if you say, because the world is bigger than Turkey, thats it story. I mean, not because the country isn’t enough. In fact, there are much more work to be done in the world, much more places to go. There are more people in reach. But the answer to this question is that I want to be an art man with a world-class reputation. It’s about my work and my design, and it’s about a lot of things.

We were going to ask you about your dreams, but you answered them in the above question.

I have a very nice saying, and my brother said that I love it very much. “Your job is to be remembered at the same time.” “There was a child. He was doing things about Hercules, what was his name? “Or” There was someone named Emre Yusufi, what was he doing? “ So, something like that should be mentioned in the same way as your work. This is a very important thing to me, so I’m trying to bring it to the point where “Emre Yusufi, who did Hercules business …” It’s very important. When a certain audience says, “I know this job, this job is related to Emre Yusufi” then already I think the topic is very good packaging. It would be nice to have something like that, it would be enough. It’s impossible for everyone in this country to say that. I don’t do a job like that, but at least I’m happy to live with someone who is interested in art. For example, when i say “Hello, I am Emre Yusufi!” to a person, I don’t know, its would be perfect if I have and answer as “I know your works.”. That’s exactly where I want to come. When you carry it to the international level, we can call it the perfect,the greatest dream.

Would you describe the luxury of an artist for our readers? What do you think about luxury?

I can describe the luxury. Everything in every field has a good one. Although there are many alternatives, there is one better. You always say, “that’s good.” To be able to live the best of everything that you consume in every aspect of life, for the luxury. I mean, of course there are plenty of alternatives, but the car, the restaurant, the food, the clothes, there is a good one, and you already know what’s well. This has nothing to do with money and the price. It has a lot to do with the fabric and the texture. It has something to do with the history of your choice car, it has something to do with the history of the restaurant. It’s not about luxury money. You can have your money but you can’t have that luxury. Because to live in luxury, you have to have some knowledge. You need to know what’s luxurious. I think luxury is a little bit of knowledge.

Finally, how can our readers contact you?

Our readers can access me from my Instagram account. I use Instagram like WhatsApp, because it’s no different than giving my phone number. I answer every massage that comes from there. Dialogue with those who want to meet me and get a piece of work is usually established from there. Some writes me on the Instagram “I want to meet you, I want to add your work in my collection.” Then, I call her/him right away and we create an appointment. It is to say that it’s easy to get to me. (Laughing)


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