A New Line To The Turkish Seas Exceeds Your Expectations Pardo 43

The design and manufacturing process of all the brand’s models has been carried out by the Zuccheri Yacht Design of Maurizio Zuccheri, the Italian designer who has projected over 200 similar boats and downloaded them into the water. The project is based in Italy Forli and Italy’s best custom sailing brand for over 40 years. Like Grand Soleil, it is the product of a shipyard that has been a gift to the world. It is so big, and it gives the customer exclusive high-quality product. Moreover, it is to say that it is a pioneer in the field of customer service and Cantieri Del Pardo is a leading shipyard for customer service.

Pardo decided to enter the Turkish market with Atölye Kazaz. Combining his passion for the sea with his mechanical knowledge and organizational experience, “it aims to combine Turkish sailors and our wonderful coast with this magnificent brand.”

Special production is possible at the shipyards in Italy in a short period of 5 months in line with personal expectations if desired for the second hand option Pardo.

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